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I understand that sometimes you can’t wait, not even a day.  Sometimes the stuff just snowballs and selling your house almost seems like an emergency because the conditions or situations you’re facing are becoming increasingly dire.  You need a cash offer on your house like yesterday!  

I can help.  I’ve been buying homes in New Jersey since 1988.  No matter the situation or condition of the house, I’ll drop everything and head on over to your property if the situation requires it.  I can even stop foreclosure and save your credit. 

Fill out the express form below if you need a cash offer for your house (like yesterday).  I answer all messages as soon as they’re received.  When we talk, we can set up a time for me to visit your house so I can make you a cash offer as soon as today.  


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Client Testimonials


Working with Gursel was a pure pleasure in selling my home.  He is friendly, very fair minded, and above all a gentleman. He would work with you every step of the way and any problem that you were concerned with, he would know or find out the answer to your fullest satisfaction.

He would sit down with you and explain in detail the exact procedure that would occur. Every detail had to be to your understanding and agreeable to you. He is not only a person of high integrity but also very trust worthy.  

Anyone doing business with Gursel will never be disappointed or feel that he/she was being taken advantaged by him.  In conclusion, anybody doing working with Gursel will find him exactly as I have stated.

Richard Brown, Hillside, NJ


I felt so overwhelmed by my problem tenants, I couldn’t figure out what to do.   I was done with the headaches, issues and never ending problems.  I called Gursel and he explained everything clearly and really took the time to make sure that I understood.  He made the process simple and smooth, and for me most importantly, fast.  I am thankful thankful that I picked up the phone and called him that day.

Elike Jenkins, Freehold, NJ


I got a card in the mail so I gave him a call.  Gursel answered the call and came right out to see my house.  He was very friendly and nice.  Gursel  answered all my questions and made me an offer.  Gursel is a life saver to me.

Michael Boldish, Hazlet, NJ.

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From fast sales with real estate to escaping foreclosure nightmares call Gursel of Fixer Uppers Wanted in New Jersey because he knows how to help NJ residents escape painful trials.
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